Karen & Brian - Bansha Church & Kilshane House, Tipperary

In my experience all weddings are different – even those that follow the usual “template” of church, drinks, dinner, dancing – but Karen and Brian’s wedding last September at Kilshane House was even more different to any other wedding that I photographed all year. Specifically, it was photographically different, in that they wanted what most couples don’t want, or to be more correct they didn’t want what most couples do want. The photos will hopefully explain, but basically Karen and Brian didn’t want any posed photos at all. Or at least hardly any. Their “list” if you could call it that, asked for three things. A nice photo of the two of them, a nice photo of them with Karen’s family, and a nice photo of them with Brian’s family.

After that, I had carte blanche, with the main request being to document the day, create a set of images that would tell the story of the day, and photograph as many of the guests as possible just being, well, guests. In short, the kind of wedding photography I absolutely love not only doing, but seeing too. As part of the day I did capture the usual details – dress, shoes, flowers and so on – but mainly I photographed the people. And so, in this post I’m going to show you some (lots!) of my favourite images of the people who made Karen and Brian’s wedding unique to them, including, of course the happy couple themselves. And in the spirit of not intervening and not posing and not “creating” images that was my mantra on the day, I’m going to let these photos speak for themselves.

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